QuickBooks Migration Tool - Common Issues

Unable to Select QuickBooks Plan

If you encounter issues selecting a QuickBooks plan during migration, please check if the issue is browser-specific.


Occasionally, internet browser issues can interfere with website actions, producing loading issues or prohibiting page changes from updating. To check if the issue you're seeing is browser-specific, please try:

  • Log in to GoDaddy Bookkeeping in a browser with a private or incognito browsing mode enabled (Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Safari).

  • If not, please try clearing your cache. The steps to clear your cache depend on which browser you’re using.

    Please note: clearing your cache may cause losing stored browser information, such as web address predictions, shopping cart contents, etc. 

If these steps do not help, then a browser extension might cause the issue. If you use any browser extensions, mainly pop-up blockers, please try turning them off one at a time, until you find out which one is causing the issue. Here are the steps for common internet browsers:

Still no luck? Contact our support agents for more help. Please be sure to include the steps you took to troubleshoot and screenshots if applicable. 



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