Error: "Wrong sign-in information. Please sign in again."


The 'Wrong sign-in' error can be due to security measures placed by your bank that require 'credential refreshes.' If you are receiving this error for your importer(s) and you are positive that the credentials are correct, the following could work for you:

NOTE: These steps must be performed on a desktop browser.

  1. Go to MANAGE
  2. Click the FIX IT link next to your Bank
  3. Under the "User ID" and "Password" fields, enter gibberish.

    username: sdgjhqaejgnalkjfn
    password: sdvnjarfneughafsjkbh

  4. Click "Update". This step will then fail since you entered gibberish as the credentials.
  5. Click FIX IT once more and enter your correct bank credentials.

This workaround will force the credential refresh that your bank requires for 3rd party logins. If you still receive this error after these steps, you can contact us here:

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