Capital One Migration

Capital One has recently migrated users of the below importers to a new, different importer portal. To continue importing your transactions you will need to use the steps below to add the correct importer.

Importers in question:
"Capital One 360 - Bank"
"Capital One (Spark Business) - Bank"
New importer:
"Capital One - Bank"

If you are using one of the importers in question you will want to:

NOTE: If you have already moved to this new importer, no other steps are needed.

1. Suspend your current importer(s) for the old Capital One portals under the MANAGE page:


2. Go to MANAGE and click the "Add an Account" button:


3. Search for "Capital One - Bank" (must be exact) and enter your Username/Password for Capital One:


4. Click "Add this Account" (in orange).

Once the importer has been successfully added, It should only bring in transactions from November 19th, 2018 to today's date (max 90 days). If by chance it brings in more data than this, you would want to ensure that the overlap transactions are deleted from the new importer as we would have already received transactions from the old importer(s) up to November 19th, 2018.

You can check this by going to MANAGE and clicking "View Transactions" to the right of each individual account and using the "Multi-Delete" steps where necessary:

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