Adding Payment Processors: Credit Card, Debit, ACH (bank to bank) for invoicing or mobile processing

You've started your Get Paid Essentials/Premium account and now you need to add a payment processor for either mobile payment processing or from your emailed invoice.   Simply follow the instruction below and you will be on your way to getting Paid!


1.  On the Overview page click Manage

2. Once the Manage Accounts page loads click Invoice Settings



3.  On the Invoice Settings page scroll down to Payment Integrations and choose your processor(s)

 * Note PayPal Here has a tiered Fee Rate with a 2.7% per transaction fee when using the card swiper, and a fee of 3.5% + $0.15 when manually entering or scanning(vai photo) a card.*

What payment options are available for me to accept online payments on my invoices?
You can set up your account to accept payments online via PayPal, credit card or bank account. Add your Stripe account in invoicing settings to accept payments via credit card, or add Dwolla in order to accept payments directly from a bank account.



You can set up PayPal at the bottom of an open invoice:


Or in your Invoicing Settings: 




 Once you've entered your PayPal email, clients can click the Pay with PayPal button on an invoice:



Do I or my clients need a PayPal merchant account in order to accept payments online?
No, you can use your personal PayPal to send and accept payments.


Do I need to set my PayPal account to collect tax on payments?
No - in order to collect tax on an invoice, you should check the 'Taxable' box and enter the amount of sales tax owed. NOTE: If you do not disable tax collecting through PayPal, your client will be charged for taxes twice.




Enable payment via Stripe on your Invoicing Settings page:



Once you've enabled Stripe, your clients will see the Pay with Credit Card button on your invoices:



Stripe payments will immediately show as Completed on the payments page. When you receive a payment via Stripe, you can see more information about the transaction on the Payments page.

Your Stripe payment will look like: Paid by credit card: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234


Do my clients need a Stripe account in order to accept payments online?
No, only you need a Stripe account integrated. Your client can login to a Stripe account, or complete checkout with credit card as a guest.




Once you've enabled Dwolla, your clients will see the Pay with Bank Account button on your invoices:



Dwolla payments will show as Pending on the payments page. When the transaction clears, the status will change to Completed. When you receive a payment via Stripe, you can see more information about the transaction on the payments page.

Paid via Dwolla. Checkout ID: 67g1efg1-98h1-56jj-09b7-6b234a1234cc



Do my clients need a Dwolla account in order to accept payments online?
Due to Dwolla's requirements your customer will need to open an account with Dwolla to process their payment using this method.





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