What data do I need to download to be ready for an audit ?

We here at GoDaddy Bookkeeping aren't tax professionals, so we definitely suggest you check with your tax professional/accountant or with the IRS (irs.gov is a pretty good resource) for information on what you might need for an audit.

That said, if it were me, I'd be sure to have the line-by-line transactions along with any receipts for the given time period. You can get the line by line transactions from GoDaddy Bookkeeping by clicking the "export transactions" link at the bottom of the Income / Expenses pages. This link will respect the date range currently displayed when it downloads the data - so you can do this monthly if you'd like, or just once at the end of the year if you'd prefer. Then store these files in a safe place (in the cloud?) that you'll be able to get to when needed.

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