Do I have to collect and submit sales tax to multiple states?

We wish this were an easy, yes or no, answer, but, as with most things that involve business and government, it depends...

The good news: Most small businesses (the key word here being “small”) only have to collect sales tax from (and submit to) one state.

The bad news: If you have a physical presence (or nexus) in more than one state you’ll need to collect and submit sales tax in each state. An example would be if your business is a bit larger and you have a warehouse in another state so your shipping process is more streamlined and efficient. Another example would be for those folks who have a business in a town that spans two states (such as Kansas City).

GoDaddy Bookkeeping was created to handle the most simple, and most common, situation – collecting and submitting to/from one state. If you have to track sales tax collected from multiple states, you can still use GoDaddy Bookkeeping.  GoDaddy Bookkeeping will tell you the total amount collected, but you’ll need to be able to break it down by state manually. Then you can use GoDaddy Bookkeeping to record the multiple payments and have it display correctly on the “Sales Tax” tab.

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