How do I import Mileage via CSV?

The easiest way to track mileage in GoDaddy Bookkeeping is to manually enter the trips as they happen, under "Mileage Deductions" within GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Take a look at this article  for instructions on entering mileage from the GoDaddy Bookkeeping mobile app.

However, sometimes you need to enter mileage transactions in bulk. As with any other income or expense transactions, GoDaddy Bookkeeping allows the upload of a CSV file of your mileage . 

Mileage CSVs are formatted the same as a normal CSV for expenses:

The Column names are the same as they are in the application:

Payee | Date | Amount | Description | Category

** Be sure to use "Mileage" under the "Category" section.

***Also be sure to add a name to the "Payee" column. Most folks will use "Mileage" as the Payee name.


Once you've created your CSV file, use the instructions in the following article to upload your file to GoDaddy Bookkeeping:

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