What is a W-9 and do you help with it?

What is a W-9?

The W-9 is a form you can use to collect information from anyone who does contract work for you, like freelancers or sub-contractors.  The W-9 helps you keep taxpayer information on file, information that can help you fill out 1099 if they end up doing $600 or more in work for the year.   A completed W-9 Form should be collected from anyone doing contract work-for-hire for you or your business.  More about 1099's can be found here:


How can GoDaddy Bookkeeping help me with my 1099-K?


You can download and print a copy of the W-9 here:  http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf


Also, while we did previously have functionality surrounding the W-9 tax form (2012), we no longer have that functionality in GoDaddy Bookkeeping. There is no historical information regarding past years' W9 information available in GoDaddy Bookkeeping. 

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