I import from eBay, why do I need to add PayPal?

When you subscribe to GoDaddy Bookkeeping through eBay, your eBay fees are tracked automatically.   Having eBay connected to your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account is useful because it will import things like your customers' location (so we can put together your Sales by State report).  This can be a great tool if you are only interested in the expense side of your business. . .  but you probably want to see where and how much money you're making!  In order to get both the Income and Expense sides of your business into GoDaddy Bookkeeping, you'll want to add PayPal. 



When you originally joined GoDaddy Bookkeeping through eBay, you authorized PayPal in order to begin your free trial of GoDaddy Bookkeeping.   To be clear, this second step requires a different kind of authorization; here we're telling PayPal to send all of your Sales and Shipping and PayPal Fees to GoDaddy Bookkeeping so that we can do the math for you.  

When you're using the full capability of GoDaddy Bookkeeping by linking to both PayPal and eBay, as well as any bank accounts or business credit cards, you're truly on your way to the good life where you can free yourself from Accounting!  

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