How do I get started with Google Apps?

Getting going through Google Apps isn't quite as straightforward as we'd like, so we created this article to show how to create or authorize an Outright account for a Google Apps domain. 

First of all, you'll want to be logged into your Google Apps account control panel as an admin.  If you're not the admin for your account, please send this article to the administrator who will be able to give access to ONE user per domain. 

If you've already added the app, go to: and look for the Outright link under "Service Settings".  Click on the link, and you'll see the following screen.  Double check that the App Status and the Data Access are enabled as followed: 




Now you'll want to click on Additional Setup to get to the following screen. 




Click Next, and you'll be brought here, which shows you how you can view the Outright App any time you're logged into the address that is authorized as above: 




And from here, you should be all set!

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