How Do I Link An Account?

When you first signed up for GoDaddy Bookkeeping you were prompted to link an account.  But now what? What if you want to link additional accounts?  Just a few clicks and you'll be importing data from multiple sources! Here's how... 

1. After logging into your GoDaddy Bookkeeping account, click "MANAGE" on the top right of the screen


 2. Click the "Add an Account" button (if this is your first importer, you can skip this step)


3. Search for or click on the link related to your bank, credit card, or e-commerce site. If you are having a hard time finding you bank please enter the direct website for your banking institution.  Ex: (If you bank at Wells Fargo you would enter


4. Fill out the information you use to log-in to the online portion of your bank, credit card, or e-commerce site. Please keep in mind that this system is case sensitive.


5. Click "Add this Account."

6. When the log-in is successful, you'll see a message telling you your transactions are being imported and categorized.


Your Bank not supported? This article can help:

If you are experiencing an error with log-in, please see this article:

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