How do I get more (historical) data?

When you join GoDaddy Bookkeeping, we try to pull as much historical information as we can from your Linked Accounts.  However, the amount of data available to pull from each Account is different. For example: 

  • PayPal provides over a year of information.
  • eBay Seller Accounts let us pull 3 months of transactions.
  • Most banks make 1-3 months available.
  • For a list of how much data can be uploaded for each linked account refer to Linked Accounts - Who/What/How Much

If you would like to get a complete historical quarter or year for all your Accounts, you can manually import transactions into GoDaddy Bookkeeping.

You'll need to choose one of the following:


If you run into any trouble with formatting the file or with the import itself, feel free to submit a support request via

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