Outright got a tune-up

We'd love to tell you about all the changes, big and small. You'll notice the color changes, but there are improvements throughout the application that we hope you'll appreciate.

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    Today, we are changing Outright, in ways you can see and in ways you can't. 

    Here are the improvements that you can see:

    A general cleanup of the site: you'll find buttons to add things (like entries or linked accounts or categories) in the same place across pages. You can edit entries and contacts in the same way. And, you might find an existing feature and think it's new because the tabs make it more clear how to get other parts of the site.

    • A tab for your uncategorized entries
    • New chart colors
    • A real Sales by State report
    • An overhaul of the contacts page, with proper alphabetical ordering and filtering
    • Easier access to your linked accounts
    • The ability to add receipts to your entries (and view the receipts you've added from the iPhone app).

    And there are ways that Outright has changed that you won't be able to see, but that let our team bring future improvements to you easier and faster.  These changes are almost more important than the things you can see and we look forward to releasing more enhancements over the months to come.

    We've talked to many of you about these changes and know that you see these changes as progress but also wonder:

    Where are the other improvements that you care about?

    In the last year, we have been making more operational (than product improvements) changes. We've been responding to a large increase in how many companies use Outright regularly. Keeping your data flowing into Outright in a speedy, accurate, and frequent way is a top priority, and we will continue to work on that.

    But, you will see after this release that we have more improvements planned and that they will be faster in coming.

    Why do we have to change something that you like now?

    I am humbled that you've chosen Outright. It's an honor for me, for our teams, to try to help you make it easier to be in business, to live your dreams, to support your families, to do something unique. But, increasingly, we were finding it difficult to build new features from the old Outright. We've made these changes so that we can continue to do more to help you. But, if you're missing old Outright, we're a little wistful here today too.

    And, lastly, I'd love to hear from you any time about these changes or about any changes you'd like to see for Outright. Send me an email at feedback@outright.com.

    Thanks for using Outright and I wish you the best,

    Kirby Freeman

    Product Manager


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