(RESOLVED) Unable to Access Via Ebay

We are aware of some eBay users having trouble accessing their accounts via eBay's applications tab.  We have investigated the issue and are working with eBay while they work to correct the issue.  While you may not be able to access your account from the applications tab, you can access your account from here.  Enter the email address you use for eBay and then click "I forgot my password."  Enter the email you wish to have your password sent to and once the email is received simply enter the password and you should now be able to access GoDaddy Bookkeeping using our web App.  



Once you have accessed your account you may change the password by clicking on Manage >> Profile Settings, and filling out the Email and password section of the Profile settings page.  Now you may access your account from either eBay or the web anytime you like.  



*An added bonus is that you can now download and use our Mobile App and access your account anytime/anywhere!

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