'Unable to reach Etsy'

You'll see this error for one of two reasons:

1. The Etsy shop in question is no longer active

2. Outright's authorization to access your Etsy account has been revoked


If your Etsy shop is no longer active, you should see your data begin importing if the shop is reactivated.

If your shop is still active and you're still seeing this error on your account, it's likely that you need to re-authorize Outright to access your Etsy shop. In case, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Linked Accounts page and click 'Suspend' on the Etsy account. This will prevent the error message from being displayed, and will keep all of your Etsy data intact. Rename the account to a name you'll recognize, like 'Old Etsy.'

2. From the Linked Accounts page, add another Etsy importer, and log in to the Etsy account that's currently in error. This will add a new Etsy importer to your account, which will allow your new Etsy data to be imported into Outright.

3. Navigate to your old Etsy account (the one that was suspended), and search for the last imported transaction.If you use Direct Checkout, do the same for this account.

4. Navigate to your new Etsy account, and delete all transactions that were already imported in by your previous Etsy importer. Use the last imported transaction from your old Etsy account to find where the new transactions begin. Then, do the same for Direct Checkout. You can use the multi-edit tool to delete large numbers of transactions at a time.

That's it! This has the effect of reestablishing the connection from Etsy to Outright, and will allow the application to import your Etsy fee and Direct Checkout data moving forward. By deleting the historical data in the new account, you prevent any overlap between the two accounts. You'll still have all of your historical data in the old account, and the newly-linked account will import data from the time your account went into error, and forward. Since Outright gets your sales data through PayPal, you only need to worry about duplication for Etsy fees and Direct Checkout transactions.

Please note that while we can get up to a year of transaction data through Direct Checkout, Outright can only import 90 days of fee data through the Etsy importer. If it's been more than 90 days since your prevously-linked Etsy account imported, you'll want to manually enter those transactions.

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