Mobile App: Transaction Not Saving

We are aware of a case where users may be trying to add a transaction and they receive the following error message: "Oops. Date, name & amount are required." Even though you have already input the required information. While the message says it's because you've haven't entered anything, it can also be because your connection has failed. You may find that even when you've entered all the right information, you still get the failed to save message.




This is a catch all error message that appears when the pertinent transaction info is missing as well as when users have an insufficient internet connection to save their transaction. Keep in mind that if you don't have sufficient internet, the app cannot save your transaction as the app needs to be able to communicate with our website and is unable to do so.

What we suggest is to find an area where you have a better connection, or available wifi, and try again until your transaction is able to save.


As always, we suggest that all users update their version of our mobile app to the most recent version so that you can take advantage of all of our new and exciting features. So keep an eye on our announcements page for future mobile updates.

Sorry for the confusion. And, thanks to all the vocal Android users, we know you'd like an app too. We plan to have an Android app in the future, but unfortunately we do not currently have an ETA. If you'd like to tell us how you'd use the app, please take our survey.

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