See photos (attached to entries via iPhone app) in web ledgers: coming in April


I hope that those of you using the iPhone are finding uses for the new 'attach a photo' feature. (Please feel free to email me, kirby@outright, if you have any comments about it.)

We ARE saving all of these photos to our secure servers. And they are all linked to your Outright entries.

However, you will NOT yet see them on our website. But, don't worry, you will be able to by the end of April. (We decided not to push new features before tax day.)

Please let  me know if you have any questions about the website or about the mobile app.



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    Audible Spectrum, LLC

    I just attached my first receipt to an expense in the iPhone app, but I still don't see the receipt on the website. Do you know when the photos will be available? Thanks!

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    Hi Gary,

    I'm so glad you're finding the feature useful. I should have updated this article. We ARE still working on this but decided not to push a new feature before tax time.

    You can wait for it, or you could try it out in our preview environment:

    Either way, it will be coming to website by the end of April.

    Thanks, and I'd love to hear about receipt attachments anytime. Email me,

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    Audible Spectrum, LLC

    Thanks, Kirby! I forgot about the preview environment. It looks great!

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