Bank data from Freshbooks

Freshbooks now has the ability to import expense transactions from your bank accounts, however these transactions are importing differently than the invoice data Freshbooks usually sends us.

This causes transactions to come through Outright with a Payee Name of 'Unknown'. Since the transactions are coming from Freshbooks they will be tied to 'Other Transactions'. Below is an example of what you'll likely see:




If you've already linked your account to Outright, these expenses are already being imported for you which means you'll be over stating your expenses.


Your next steps will depend on what you'd like to get from your Freshbooks account:


1. If you'd like to continue importing invoices from Freshbooks, you'll want to disconnect the accounts you have linked inside of your Freshbooks account. To do this, log into your Freshbooks account, click 'Expenses', then 'Bank Accounts' and click 'Disconnect' on each of the accounts you have linked.



2. If you find the expense data (in your Freshbooks account) useful, you'll want to suspend Freshbooks from importing duplicates into Outright. To do this, click on the Briefcase icon, select 'Linked Accounts', and click the 'Suspend' button next to your Freshbooks importer.




Note: Suspending Freshbooks will also discontinue the import of invoices.


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