Etsy fees delayed or missing - RESOLVED 1/23/13

Early this month, through a combination of Support Tickets and comments on the Etsy forums, we noticed that a subset of Etsy users were experiencing a few common issues with Outright importing their Etsy data.


Two situations in particular were reported multiple times:


1.) Some Etsy data was delayed in importing

2.) A small set of users weren’t seeing all of their Etsy fees import each month, and this was causing accounting problems


After investigating and working with individual users, we discovered that the error was on our end. Our importers were having difficulty importing more than 100 Etsy fee transactions per month, and this caused both problems.  This bug, while it caused big problems for some high volume sellers, only affected a small subset of Etsy users who use Outright.


The good news is that we have found a solution to the bug and are in the process of implementing a fix. We’ll update you again in this spot when all missing data is imported. If you have a Support Ticket in with us, we’ll update you there, too.


Any paying Outright Plus customers who suffered ill-effects from the importer bug will be refunded and given a free year of the service. Please check your email for a message from Outright very soon.


Until then, we want to thank you for your patience with Outright and for working with us to identify the problem. We are working hard to implement this fix and ensure that all of your financial data is complete and accurate.

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