*RESOLVED*11/24/12: New users unable to move past 'Link eBay' page in signup


New users who create accounts through our website and try to link eBay are unable to proceed through signup. We believe this issue may be related to some recent changes to eBay's website.


We're currently working on this issue, and we will continue to update this message as we have more information.

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    Chris @ GD Bookkeeping

    RESOLVED: 11/29/12

    We determined this issued stemmed from users being assigned the wrong version of eBay. Users who were unable to move past the 'Link eBay' page in signup have had their accounts reset to the Welcome page: you'll now be able to add the correct eBay importer. Those of you who were able to move through the signup and link PayPal have had your eBay accounts replaced with the correct version.

    If you're still experiencing any issues related to this error, please submit a ticket through help.outright.com.

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