PayPal: There Appears To Be A Temporary Issue

We are aware of some PayPal accounts having difficulties updating.  This issue is on PayPal's end and we are unable to correct it.  We have informed PayPal of the issue and continue to talk to them.  Currently they do not have an ETA on a fix, but will let us know. 


How do you know if you have this error or some other, more temporary, error?  


Take a look at your Linked Accounts page, you'll see the account has not updated recently as well as the following error. 


Some of the effected PayPal accounts may start bringing in transactions, but the "Last Updated" does not change.  This also means while you may be seeing recent transactions, the balance will not be current.



We continue to speak with PayPal, and once this has been fixed we'll let you know. 

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    Jon S

    Hi All,

    PayPal has reported that they are working on the this, and are hoping to release a fix soon.  We will update this article as we have more information.  Please stay tuned!!

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    Jon S

    This issue has been resolved.

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