Citibank and Citibank Credit Card accounts in error

Many Citibank and Citibank credit card accounts are currently in error or failing to update. The error message on the account will read  "There was a temporary problem. Please try again later" or a similar message. Affected users may also see the error message "Please try to login to your bank website first, then try again in Outright."

The issue lies with our banking partner, Yodlee, and they are already working to fix the issue. No ETA at this time, but keep an eye on this article for updates as they occur.

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    Chris @ GD Bookkeeping

    Update 10/18/12

    Hi everyone!

     We’re still working with Yodlee to get this issue fixed. Still no ETA on a fix, but we’ll keep you updated as we investigate further. Many banks have been recently updated, so Citibank shouldn’t be much further behind.

    Thanks for your continued patience.

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    Jon S


    We are still working with Yodlee on resolving this issue.  We do not have an ETA on a fix, but we are continuing to work with and communicate with Yodlee.  We apologize for the delays, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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    Jon S


    While we continue to work with Yodlee on this issue, the problem persists.  Those of you affected will most likely see the following error "Please try to login to your bank website first, then try again in Outright."  Once we have a resolution we will let you know. 

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    Dale so is this an issue that will take a couple weeks to fix or a couple of months to fix.  I'm really trying to get everything dialed in to use this system starting January 1st.



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