Estimated Quarterly Taxes: Numbers Don't Add Up

We are aware of the situation where the estimated quarterly taxes function on left side of the screen shows different numbers on the Overview page and the Income/Expense Pages. The numbers are being calculated correctly, however the difference in the totals due is that the functions on the different pages are showing different quarters.

For example: When on the overview page, the function "Estimated Quarterly Taxes" is being calculated for the most recent quarter due date. Q3 being due 09/15/12. Even though the new quarter has already started, this function will estimate the quarterly taxes due until the due date has passed. This is to help ensure that your estimated quarterly taxes are paid on time.




When on the "Income" and "Expense" pages, the function "Estimated Quarterly Taxes" is being calculated for the current quarter. Q4 started on 09/01/12. These functions will calculate the estimate the quarterly taxes due to date.



2012 Estimated Tax Due dates are below:




Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this causes.  Our engineers have been informed of this issue, and we will post updates regarding our progress to this article.

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