RESOLVED: Can't View Uploaded Image

We've found that images that are saved as a .JPEG are not showing the thumbnails when you click on the transaction within your Outright account. We are currently researching as to why these images aren't producing thumbnails and we will apply the fix as soon as possible. The good news is that the image is not lost and you can still view your image by clicking "view original. To do so, please follow these instructions:

1) Find the transaction with the image that you would like to see and click on the small "Camera" icon as shown here: Screen_Shot_2013-05-03_at_9.00.13_AM.png




2) Here is where a thumbnail would be shown if a thumbnail was already generated. In order to see the image, simply click on the "Question Mark" icon as shown here:  Screen_Shot_2013-05-03_at_9.09.47_AM.png




3) Click "View Original."




4) and you will be brought to a new page that will show you the original image that you uploaded.



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