Can't Link Perkstreet Financial Bank: Bank Accounts Created on or After 3/6/13

We recently found where users who created their Perkstreet Financial Bank accounts on or after 3/6/13 are unable to link their account and are receiving the following error message: "Wrong sign in information. Please sign in again."


What we've found is that Perkstreet Financial Bank has two separate login links. One for accounts created before 3/6/2013 (card numbers beginning with 5519) and the other for accounts created on or after 3/6/2013 (card numbers beginning with 5507). Please refer to the following Perkstreet Financial Bank link for more information regarding this:



Accounts created before 3/6/2013 use the link "" which is what our system uses.

And accounts created on or after 3/6/2013 use the link "" which unfortunately is not currently supported.



Regardless, we have added "support for new accounts at Perkstreet Financial Bank" to our bank aggregators list of potential banks and credit unions to add. Please keep in mind that adding a bank to the system can take quite a while since our bank aggregator needs to research and then build a site for your bank that will allow it to link.


In the meantime, you might want to check into downloading your data from your bank website into a CSV file, and then importing that file into Outright manually. For more information on how to format and import a CSV file for into Outright, please refer to the following articles:

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