GoDaddy Bookkeeping Says I Need to Upgrade From IE7, But I've Already Upgraded

Occasionally IE users will be prompted to upgrade their version of IE because we no longer support IE7 - even though they are already using IE8, IE9 or IE10.  This is usually caused by one of two things...

1. Your "Browser Mode"  or "Document Mode" within Internet Explorer is currently set to IE7.

To verify these setting are correct open your browser preferences and select  "F12 Developer Tools," or just press the F12 key on your keyboard.




Make sure the check mark is next to the version of IE that you are currently using by clicking it.




Next,  click on "Document Mode" and make sure the correct browser version is selected here as well.




2. Internet Explorer keeps defaulting back to IE7 because eBay Apps is actually forcing the browser back into IE7 Compatibility mode.

To remove eBay will need to be removed from the compatibility view settings, click on 'Tools' from within your Internet Explorer browser, then select 'Compatibility View settings'. Select '' from the list of sites and click the 'Remove' button. Close your browser then re-open, and you should be able to access GoDaddy Bookkeeping through eBay without any issues.

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