Cant Link KeyBank: Need to Authorize Third Party Access

We recently found where users who have had their KeyBank accounts already linked and users who are newly attempting to link their KeyBank accounts are having a hard time linking their account and are receiving the following error message: "There appears to be a temporary issue refreshing this account."

What we've found is that users will need to authorize "Third Party Access" within their KeyBank accounts in order for their account to link successfully with GoDaddy Bookkeeping. To enable third party access on the bank site, the please follow the steps below:

1. Login to the bank site

2. Click on "Self-Service."

3. Click on "Security Center."

4. Click on "Third Party Access" tab.

5. Click where it says "Authorize Access."




Once you complete the steps above, your account should refresh successfully within GoDaddy Bookkeeping. You might need to click the "Fix It" button in GoDaddy Bookkeeping and then re-enter your credentials.

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