eBay importers running very slow - "Spinning Arrows" - 5/23/12

UPDATE 6/1/12:

The issue has been resolved and our eBay importers are now running well.  We thank you for your patience.


Our eBay importers are currently running slower then desired and may even take 24 hours to complete their download(s).  This could affect existing accounts as well as those of you trying to add (or upgrade) a new eBay  account or even upgrading.  

At first glance it would appear the "Update" has been running for an extended period of time. However, it's possible the import finished and then restarted since the last time you looked at your account.  

To know if this is the case:

  • Click on "eBay Seller Account" on the Overview page and look for the most recent transactions 
  • Look at the "Last Imported Date" on the Linked Accounts page

If you find current dates in either of these places, it's likely your importer finished successfully and then started over.  If this isn't the case, feel free to let our team know so we can assist you further. 

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