Account Update Error message - "Internal Error Processing Refresh" - 05/15/2012

UPDATE: 5/17/2012

If you are receiving the "Internal Error Processing Refresh" error, you should be able to correct this by clicking the "update" button.  Your account should refresh and update!  You may need to click the update button 2-3 times.  



Some accounts are showing an "Internal Error Processing Refresh" on the My Account page.

To correct the situation, click the “Update” button next to the affected account.

At this point the error message should change to "There was a problem connecting to your account. Please try again later."

Click the “Update” button once again (or maybe twice) and it should correct itself. 

If you see a different error message, please submit a request and we'll look into it for you. Thank you again and sorry for any inconvenience.

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