Outright Widget on eBay Selling Manager

Outright is growing, which is very exciting for us. As we expand our infrastructure is taking on more and more data, which can cause some slowness. We are doing our best to improve this. Because we have so many people using Outright on eBay, having a chart showing up directly on the selling manager was a huge drain on our systems. 

Unfortunately, that means that we can no longer show a chart directly on the Selling Manager Pro. However, if you click the "start" button, Outright will launch and you will go directly to your Outright App Overview page. From there, you can see your year to date chart, which will give you even more information than the widget did before. You can see a screenshot of where to click below: 



We hope to be able to replace the chart again the future, but for now, we hope that being able to see your Year to Date report with just a click of a link, will be helpful.

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