CapitalOne 360 Access Issues


After May 25, Outright users who have linked CapitalOne 360 to their Outright account will need an Access Code from CapitalOne 360 in order to authorize us to pull data from your account. Unfortunately, CapitalOne 360 Business accounts and bill pay will no longer be supported for aggregation. Users who have aggregated their accounts in CapitalOne 360 Investments have been migrated to CapitalOne 360 – ShareBuilder site and will have to update the aggregated accounts with the ShareBuilder credentials. More info about this can be found on CapitalOne 360's website:

Here is how to create an Access Code: 
1.  Sign into with your Customer Number / Saver ID and PIN.
2.  Scroll over the "My Info" tab.
3.  Scroll down and click on the "Access Codes" section.
4.  Click the "Create New Code" button.
If you run into any trouble getting your CapitalOne 360 account connecting, please write in to Support and we'll see what we can do:
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