PayPal fees showing up as $0.00

UPDATE 5/13/2011:

This has been determined to be a bug on eBay's side.  They've recorded the bug and will fix according to order of priority.  We do not have an estimation of when this will be complete.

In the mean time, we suggest you manually edit your transactions on the Expenses tab to account for the missing fees.

Our apologies for the trouble.



UPDATE 5/2/2011:

As far as we can tell the fee is getting changed from the actual amount to a zero amount somewhere between PayPal and eBay.  By the time eBay sends us the data it's already set to zero, which is why this is what gets recorded in Outright.

We'll likely need to submit a support ticket to eBay to get them to look into and resolve this issue.  Unfortunately it may take them awhile to resolve.



EBay recently changed the way they handle the PayPal fees associated with sales where customers used the eBay Shopping Cart. We're looking in to what we need to do to support this new information and hope to have a fix out soon.

Once we roll out the fix you'll be all set going forward.  Unfortunately we won't be able to go back and update the transactions that have already been imported so you might want to make manual adjustments for those.

Our apologies for the trouble.

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