No transactions or P&L; Can't add transactions; Importer shows an error

UPDATE 3/30/11, 4:00pm PST

This issue has been resolved and the application is functioning as expected.


UPDATE 3/30/11, 9:53am PST

You still may not see your Profit and Loss chart on the Overview or Reports tab for now.   And although you might see a message that says "You have no transactions in Outright," there is no cause for concern.  Your data is safe and sound; we simply turned off the functionality that draws this report because of the strain it was putting on our database.  The underlying issue here is database related, so we're trying to keep the load as light as possible until we get all the wrinkles ironed out.  


UPDATE: 3/29/11, 11:30am PST

The site is up and running, although it's a bit slow. As soon as the cache is rebuilt we'll be back to our usual performance speed.  

One note - while you can now enter/edit/delete transactions, import CSV files and import from your bank/CC accounts, the Profit and Loss report is still not available.  Neither on the Reports tab, nor on the Overview page.  We're working on getting that back up, but it'll likely be Wednesday before it's available.  Not to worry though, your data is safe and sound and all other reports should be working just fine.

Our apologies for the trouble - we know it's terrible timing to have down-time right before tax day and are doing our best to make things right.  Thanks for your continued support.


3/28/11, 9:00am PST

We are aware of the problem where people are unable to manually add transactions to Outright, and that the importers are showing an error.   

Unfortunately this issue is quite far-reaching; you may experience a variety of situations such as:
 - trouble adding, editing or deleting a transaction directly on the Income or Expense tab
 - error messages when trying to import your data from your bank or other source (such as eBay or PayPal)
 - error 500 when trying to import data via  CSV file
 - inability to cancel your account

Rest assured, all of your data already saved in your account is safe and sound and will not be affected during this time.

Our engineering team is working tirelessly to get this fixed ASAP.  While we don't have an ETA for the fix, we are working on it. 

Thanks for your patience; we will keep you posted. 

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