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The team at GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping has been busy!  What have we been doing?  In between maintainenance and backend improvements, we've made a bevy of changes and improvements to the App!  How have we managed to accomplish all of this?  Coffee, lots of coffee!



If you have a set of things you bill for regularly, we've added a great feature to make invoicing quicker and easier!  For information on the "Reusable Items" feature, please read this article.



We heard your requests and and I'm proud to announce that the Profit & Loss report now has customizable date ranges!  We have a nice article here that gives an overview of setting your own date ranges.


2-Factor Authentication

We now support 2-Factor Authentication while logging in with your GoDaddy.com credentials on both Mobile our website. If you purchased GoDaddy Bookkeeping/Get Paid through GoDaddy.com and have 2-Factor Authentication enabled, you can now use your GoDaddy Credentials to log into GoDaddy Bookkeeping/Get Paid directly. eBay users can continue to access GoDaddy Bookkeeping directly through eBay.com. For more information on enabling 2-Factor Authentication, please see this article.


Linked Accounts

We've cleaned up the accounts page and made nicknaming and excluding your accounts easier.  


Well that's it for now, as much as I'd love to stay and chat a bit more, it's been 43 minutes since my last cup of coffee, and I'm going into withdrawals!  If you have questions please submit a ticket and we will respond.  If you have suggestions or ideas for improvements please visit our community. Look around and submit, or +1 an existing feature request.   We visit this forum frequently to consider functionality changes and feature requests from our online community.

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