Look & feel changes coming to Outright

Hello Outright customers,

We've got some changes coming later in April (after we all file our taxes). We'd like you to take a look at them and tell us what you think.

Preview the changes here: https://preview.outright.com/dashboard.

Early users have said things like:

  • This is a nice facelift.
  • I feel I have more room & it's easier to focus on what's important.

About the preview:

  • This is the first step in other improvements that will be coming later this Spring and Summer.
  • Your normal login will work on preview. You will be using your Outright company.
  • Please tell us what you think by taking a quick survey, or send your thoughts to feedback@outright.com.
  • The preview version is well tested, but you might still find a button in the wrong place. Please tell us about anything that's amiss by emailing feedback@outright.com.
  • It will release to everyone by the end of April.
If you want to start using preview exclusively, that's great. But, there are a few things to know about using preview:
  • If you upgrade to Outright Plus, you will be forwarded back to the regular production site after you upgrade.
  • If you import or export from preview, the emails you receive will link you back to our regular production website.
  • If you use Outright from within your eBay Apps, we're not done with that version, so expect to see some display problems. We are quickly working on these issues.
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