Outright Now Integrates With PayPal Here

PayPal released "PayPal Here," a triangle-shaped mobile credit card reader to compete with Square in 2012. The reader works similarly to Square, offering a simple attachment and merchant application that allows iPhones and Android smartphones to do the work of a cash register, swiping credit and debit cards, and tracking receipts. In addition, the app allows merchants to take pictures of checks and credit cards, to process payments even without the attachment. The app can also issue invoices.




Good news is, that if you have a PayPal account linked to Outright, we can now import these transactions into your Outright account. If you don't have your PayPal account linked, go ahead and link your PayPal account and all of your "PayPal Here" transactions will be automatically imported as soon as the charge is approved and the transactions post to your account.




NOTE: These transactions will only import the total sale and the PayPal fees. It will not Import all of the individual items within the sales, such as sales tax collected.


For more information regarding PayPal Here, please refer to the following articles on PayPal's website:



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