iPhone Mobile App Update 2/27/13

In our ongoing mission to make running your small business simpler, we are delighted to announce that Outright.com has released an update to the iPhone Mobile App (available for download as of 2/19/13). In this update we have released a few bug fixes that will help improve use of the app, but we also improved three big features.

Mileage: users can now enter in the miles driven and the application will calculate the amount based on the IRS standard mileage deduction.

We improved the ability to track your expenses by adding a feature where you can now add a photo of your receipt to your expenses added via the mobile app. Now you'll have a photo copy of your expense to better assist you when filing taxes.

We also improved the historical data feature. Users now have access to all of your Outright data via the mobile app. Please refer to the following screenshot as to how this will look:




For more information regarding these features, please refer to the following articles:




And, thanks to all the vocal Android users, we know you'd like an app too. We plan to have an Android app in the future, but unfortunately we do not currently have an ETA. If you'd like to tell us how you'd use the app, please take our survey.

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