Removing Bookkeeper Access

We are removing the invitation & bookkeeper/accountant access to Outright companies as of 12/1/2012. This means that on December 1, you will no longer:

  • Have access to companies that have added you as a bookkeeper/accountant
  • Be able to invite yourself to new companies
  • Be able to see the list of companies that have added you as a bookkeeper/accountant

Why? Most importantly, we're not happy with the quality of the feature right now. It's broken and incomplete. And having old, broken parts of Outright makes it more difficult for us to keep the rest of Outright fast and stable, or to make improvements. Please know that this is a hard decision for us. As accountants and bookkeepers to small businesses, we want to make your lives easier.

The silver lining is that we do have an option: Your business may have multiple people (bookkeeper, accountant, spouse, employee, etc.) who can access Outright at the same time, whether side-by-side or remotely (Note: These people would now access your account using your credentials). For more information, check out the article linked here.

We'd like to know more about how we can help you and the companies you work with. Please feel free to contact our support team to provide feedback on this decision.

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