QFX - a new way to import data into your Bookkeeping account

You want to link an account but realize we don’t support your bank - what are your options?


Well, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for - we now support the upload of QFX files! Many banks use this file type for easy upload into programs like Quicken® (WebConnect®) and Quickbooks®. Now, you can upload these files into your Bookkeeping account. And this isn’t only good news for those moving from Quickbooks to GoDaddy Bookkeeping - it’s also an easy way to fill in data for transactions that may have occurred earlier in the year.

How simple is it? Go to your bank website, download a QFX file, and import that file into your Bookkeeping account. That’s it! We’ll even separate the income and expense transactions for you. Want to associate the transactions with a linked account? We'll let you choose the account you want the data to go into, and add the transactions to that account.

Click here to start uploading your data with QFX!


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