Two new improvements: Find as you type and New this week

Hi there, I'm Kirby. I've met some of you in the Feature Requests community. I'm a product manager at Outright. 

Before I tell you about two new improvements, let me explain a bit about how we release new features. We often use a rolling release strategy, meaning we make a new feature available to a first wave of folks, then to all companies. This gives us a chance to hear from you about whether it's working, and make some improvements.

These two features are currently released to a first wave of companies:

New this week

On your Dashboard, outright will tell you what's new in the last week: new sales and uncategorized expenses. It will also include information about milestones, as you reach them. 

(And, I'd like to thank Gilliauna, Brett, Betsie, Danni, Megan, Karen, Sarah and Kat  for helping advise us on this improvement.)

Here's a sample:


Find as you type

We've heard from some of you that it's hard to use the drop down boxes in Income and Expenses, especially as your list of customers and vendors get long. One thing we think will help: we changed the customer/vendor drop downs to start to filter as you type. So, now you can start typing your vendor name and we'll find the names that match.


Lastly, I want to say:

  • We want to hear your feedback on these improvements. Email me,, at any time.
  • And, if you aren't in the group that has the feature yet but are anxious to try it, again, email me,, and I can get you added to the first 'wave' of users.
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