Etsy Direct Checkout

We are happy to announce that Etsy Direct Checkout is now available to all Etsy sellers.  And the best part is that there's nothing for you to do to set it up!  If you have already linked your Etsy account to Outright, the feature is automatically enabled for you.

Some common questions:

Q. Where do I find this new account?

A. When you login to Outright you will see a new account called 'Etsy Direct Checkout' on the left side of your screen under 'Money I have'.

Q. How do I see the transactions?

A. Click on this heading to see all the Etsy sales using Direct Checkout.

Q. How far back will you go to get my transactions?

A. We know how much you love data!  So we'll go back to the beginning of the year (2012) to pull in all of the Etsy Direct Checkout transactions.  This is a lot of data so it might take a couple of hours to download all transactions.

Q. What will the information look like when it comes into Outright?

A. Transactions will be categorized as follows.
        Sale Transactions will be 'Etsy Direct Checkout Sales'
        Etsy Direct fees will be 'Etsy Direct Checkout Processing Fee'
        Refund transactions will be 'Returns'
        Recoup transactions will be 'Transfer In'
        Disbursements will be 'Transfer Out'

Q. Will my current Etsy data look any different?

A. No, Etsy Listing Fees will still show up under 'Etsy Bill Activity".

Q. How do I make sure my disbursements from Etsy aren't being double reported?

A. If you have attached the bank account that Etsy disburses to, then the disbursement transaction on the bank account will show up as 'Transfer In' and recoup transactions will show up as 'Transfer Out'.

Q. How do I know how much Etsy has collected on my behalf?

A. The number next to "Etsy Direct Checkout" on the overview page is the running total in your etsy direct account. It is the amount that Etsy has collected on your behalf but that has not yet been disbursed to your bank account.

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