FAQs - Outright acquired by GoDaddy

Q. Why did GoDaddy buy Outright?
A. Outright is a great fit for the GoDaddy customer base. We are both about helping small businesses grow. We are both leveraging the cloud for our customers. And we are both committed to our customers.  In short, our shared values made this a great match.
Q. Why did Outright want to join GoDaddy?
A. By joining GoDaddy, Outright is combining forces with a company that has built a billion dollar business with the simple idea of providing great products and award-winning customer service. 
Aside from our shared goals to help small businesses grow ... GoDaddy brings a stable, proven track record by having 10.4MM customers worldwide, being the world's largest Web hosting provider*, and having a #1 market share in domain names and net new SSL Certificates. We think this enhances what Outright is already doing to help customers. 
*Largest worldwide mass-market hosting provider by annual revenue. Source Tier 1 Research,Mass-Market Hosting Report-Winter 2012.
Q. How much did GoDaddy pay for Outright?
A. These details have not been disclosed. 
Q. What happens to the Outright CEO?
A. Steven Aldrich is now GoDaddy's Senior Vice President of Applications
Q. What happens to Outright customers?
A. The Outright service remains the same.  Together, we plan to add capabilities and improve the application as part of the GoDaddy ecosystem.
Q. Will Outright continue to offer a FREE application? 
A. Today's news doesn't have any immediate impact on our billing plans, although they are currently set to change in Oct. 2012.
We've been notifying customers in recent months regarding our plans for a more robust version of our product, for which there will be a fee. Right now, Outright Plus is less than $10 a month ($9.95). 
Q. How will the Outright product be integrated into GoDaddy.com
A. There's no change for Outright customers in the short term.  You will continue to access your Outright application the same way you do currently. In the coming weeks, GoDaddy customers will be made aware of the Outright offering via the GoDaddy website.
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