This week in Outright - updates and fixes - 5/15/2012

This week in Outright
We’ve heard that users would like to know what we at Outright are working on.  And there is indeed an awful lot going on, so why not a quick periodic share?  Here are details:

The web app team is working diligently on:

  • Completing the “New and Improved” Amazon integration. While the project has proven challenging, we are very proud to have released all of our hard work (a few months in the making). We are now in the process of ironing out the last few wrinkles, but are overall very excited with the enhancements to functionality.
  • Making our bank and partner integrations faster and more reliable i.e. fewer errors and fresher data for you!  (We hear you, we see, we’re working on it!)

As you may know, two weeks ago we released the new Income and Expenses views to all users, and thanks so much to you who sent feedback. Based on your feedback:

  • You can now enter a character or two in the payee field, and it will show you the list of your customers and vendors (pre-population).
  • On the Invoice page you can see the total at the top right, and edit dates.
  • We’ve re-enable zero dollar transactions.
  • You can now again see your check number, and original payee - actually we made it so the check and the check number are in the payee bane
  • Fix a few hiccups associated with filtering your transactions - especially if you're running on Internet Explorer, have been fixed, or are in the process.

The mobile team just released an update to the Apple AppStore that has some of the most requested features from users:

  • Delete transactions.
  • Return to the list from where you left off (when visiting entry details).
  • Lists are faster to scroll.

This mobile update should be approved and available in the AppStore later this week. If you don't already have the app, search for Outright, or you can use this link to open iTunes:

And, we’re not taking our vacations yet. We know we still need to do an Android and an iPad version. And, yep, we know you need to split transactions & tagging transactions.   We read and are very interested in your input, so keep writing into:

The Outright Product Management Team,
Kirby, Jared, Laurel & Mandar

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