Upgraded Income and Expenses tabs!

Your account has recently been upgraded to our new Income and Expenses tab.  This new look and feel will make it easier for you to see what's going on in your business.  We hope you love it as much as we do!  Click "Read More" for details. 

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    Like any business that cares about its customers, we listen to your needs, and make decisions accordingly.  The upcoming changes will address quite a few requests from you - our valued customer.

    Improvements include:

    Updated Income and Expense List:

    - Totals!  Notice the dollar amount showing on the top right.   


    New Ledger Total corner.png


    This is the total of all the transactions in the view.  So if you have filtered to only see "Sales", it will be the total of "Sales" only. You can also filter by: Original account, category, payee, or date .  We hope you like it.

     - Business vs. Non-business break out! There are now two tabs available on the Income & Expense list.  Those are:

       o   Business – these are all the items that affect your business reports, and your P&L

       o   Non-Business - these are the transactions that, for various reasons, do not affect your business.  These transactions have never affected your business or tax reports or P&L calculation.   Now they will no longer show up on the 'Business" tab under Income or Expense.  These include anything marked with as:

    • Personal
    • HIDE: Wrong or Dupe
    • Federal Tax Payments, which do not affect business reports
    • Transfer and Credit Card Payment (which represent money moving from account to account, but does not affect income or expense)
    • Any category you have created that does not have a tax line associated with it.


    new ledger business & non business.png


    - More details** about each transaction!  Click on any transaction from the income or expense list to edit the information or learn more, such as:

    • What account the transaction comes form, e.g. PayPal, Chase, etc.
    • What tax line that transaction will be associated with


    new ledger edit entry.png


    • Access to the original transactions, e.g. eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Etsy, or the bank or credit card – you can see them – complete with all their “split transactions”  That means:

    • From the PayPal account,  you can see all the transactions that go into this one item, such as: Sales, Shipping Income, Shipping Fees and any additional fees associated with that transaction

    new ledger transaction blow out.png


    What Else?  Missing the feature you’ve been wanting?  Have Questions?  Comments?  Please share!  Visit our " Feature Requests" area of this Online HelpDesk to see  what others have asked for and add your support, or to add a whole new request.  

    While we may not have time to get back to all of you,  we read and rely on customer input to improve the product.  We know there’s plenty of room to do more for you, and surely areas to make better. 

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