Outright and Kabbage - teaming up to help small businesses

Kabbage is an innovative small business lending service that will lend money based on the data they see in someones e-commerce accounts (eBay, PayPal, Etsy, etc)... they pull data thru APIs like Outright does and look at things like revenue, how long you've been in business, average transaction size, etc. One great thing about Kabbage is that they can literally have your loan processed and approved, and your PayPal account funded in 10 minutes.  It's a very different experience from trying to get a SBA loan from Wells Fargo that takes weeks and could easily result in a 'no'.

And because we know your information is sensitive, we want to make sure you know that we aren't sharing any of your data with Kabbage.  We're doing our own math based on information in your Outright account and comparing that to the Kabbage criteria.

If you'd like to take us up on this offer you can get started by visiting https://www.kabbage.com/outright.

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