Outright and One Price Taxes

Outright and One Price Taxes have introduced a new partnership!  You can now import your Outright Schedule C worksheet information directly into One Price Taxes with just a few mouse clicks.  It's a great way to get started on filing your taxes!
To import Outright Schedule C worksheet information into One Price Taxes:
  1. Go to www.onepricetaxes.com and click on one of the "Start for Free" buttons
  2. Either create a new account or select the "Try it first" button.  In either case, be sure to accept the Terms and Conditions. 
  3. Click on the check box "I'd like to import my business information from Outright" and click "Continue"
  4. Enter your Outright login information (email address and password) and click "Continue"
  5. The next screen you'll see is the information that was gathered from your Outright Schedule C worksheet.  Click "Continue" to move on with filing your taxes.  

You will be able to edit any of the information imported from the Outright Schedule C worksheet when you reach the Wages & Income section of the site.  To view your business information on the One Price Taxes site, click on "Federal Taxes" -> "Wages & Income".  If you haven't started reviewing your Income information yet, select "Choose Income Myself".  Now you'll be presented with a list of the different types of Income.  Click on "Review" beside the Business Income label to see the business that's been added to your tax return.
Please note that you will need to fill in additional information about your business before you file your taxes.
NOTE: This integration will only work for folks who access their Outright account via the Outright website.  Meaning it will not work for folks who access Outright via eBay, Google Apps or Chrome Webstore.  Access through those channels is something we'll be adding in the future, but there's no specific ETA. Our apologies for this inconvenience.
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