New for Feb 2012: "Not sure" now called "Uncategorized", Community on Overview, and an iPhone app (Limited Release)

1. Not sure now called Uncategorized

As of 2/22, transactions that you used to fondly know as "Not Sure" will now be called "Uncategorized."  There is no functionality change, and all your transactions are still there.  This change will effect all your existing "Not sure" transactions and future transactions that come in without a category.

We made this change to make it more clear to you that these expenses have not yet been categorized and to encourage you to categorize them - to improve the accuracy of your business and tax reports. 

This small change came from feedback from users like you.  Got other ideas for new features or improvements, visit the Feature Requests forum, and let us know.  

If you have manually created a category called "Uncategorized," read this article.

2. FAQ's, Announcements, and Community now accessible from Overview

You can now access a feed of FAQ's, Community, and Announcements from the Overview and from the Annual Taxes tab.

If you're having questions about how to use Outright or about running your business, you'll be able to access both from your Overview. We'd love to have you introduce yourself or see if you can help another business owner.

3. Limited Release of Outright for iPhone

We're still working on these things: 

  • Login for eBay Open Apps, Chrome Web Store, and Google Apps
  • Add and Edit Mode for Transactions

But, now, available in App Store, is Outright for iPhone. It will let you know:

  • When you have new deposits in your account.
  • Your year to date profit at a glance.
  • Drill down into Income, Expense, and Balance information

We're working on enhancements to the app and will let you know as they're available.

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