New Account Bar (9-13-2011)

Your new "Account Bar" is visible on the left hand column of your "Overview" page.  You may have noticed some changes.  Namely:

1.  It is separated out into Money I Have and  Money I Owe

2.  "Money I have" lists any money you have or can expect to receive in the next little while:
    a.  Bank account balances
    b.  Outstanding Invoices
    c.  PayPal balances
    d.  "Other Transactions" includes a ledger-view of all your Freshbooks / Harvest imports of Income items as well as any manually-entered uploaded CSV files   
    e.  "Mileage Deductions" that you might have paid out recently, but will get back

3.  "Money I owe" lists accounts you pay on:
    a.  Credit Card balances
    b.  eBay fees owed

    c.  Etsy Bill Activity 


If you have any specific questions about this new and improved sidebar, please write in and contact our friendly support team!

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