eBay + PayPal: two sources of data, one complete picture of your business

 by Kevin

After quite a lot of effort, and thanks to the persistent feedback and helpful guidance of our users, we are announcing the ability to connect both your eBay and PayPal accounts to Outright.  The single biggest benefit this provides our eBay sellers is the ability to automatically import your shipping costs directly from PayPal, while retaining item-level sales and fee information.

Historically, you had to choose between importing from eBay or PayPal, because using both would have created duplicate transactions.  But now, that’s changing.

When you next log into Outright, you’ll see the message below.


Just click on the link to connect your PayPal account, log in once, and from now on, you’ll see all of your sales, fees, shipping amounts collected and paid imported into Outright on a daily basis.  No more having to manually enter shipping costs.

As with any big change to a service, there are some details that you’ll want to know about.  For example:

  1. The imported shipping costs will only apply to sales that occur going forward – we won’t be importing historical shipping costs, for fear of creating duplicates.
  2. From the day you choose to add PayPal going forward, your shipping costs will show up under a new category called, surprise, “shipping costs.”  If you have been tracking shipping costs manually, and have another category name, you can choose to merge the two rather easily.
  3. You will also see the outstanding fee balance in your eBay account (it will be listed under “Money I Owe” on the Overview screen,) and be able to drill in to view the fees there.
  4. Going forward, in addition to the individual eBay fees, you will also see the total monthly amount paid to eBay.  Those transactions will show up with the category “Transfer”, which means it’s just movement of money between accounts, and does not impact your profit and loss.  Your individual eBay fees will continue to show up as business expenses.
  5. If you use your PayPal account for non-business related expenses, those transactions will also be imported. To quickly and easily exclude them from your profit and loss, use our “multi-edit” feature to change the category to “personal expense.”

We hope all of our sellers take advantage of and enjoy this enhancement and ask that you please let us know of any issues as soon as you see them.

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