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Last night, we released a new feature that gives users the ability to edit and delete multiple customers or vendors at once. This will allow users to combine several different Contacts with little effort.

To edit multiple Contacts, follow these instructions:

1) Click on your "Company Name" to access your "Company Menu."

2) Select "Contacts" from the dropdown menu.

3) Click "Edit Multiple."

4) Check the box next to each contact name that you would like to "Merge."

5) Enter in the contact name that you would like to merge these contacts into.

6) Click the “Merge” button to merge all of the selected Contacts. You will now see only one name for that Contact.  Note, we also changed the Contacts pages to show the total number of transactions for each Contact.




As a result of these changes, you’ll also see that the Payee names and filters in the transaction views are updated to reflect the new name, removing the old names.


You can also delete multiple Contacts at once as well by going through this same process, however, only contacts with zero (0) transactions in Outright can be deleted.

Many, many users have been asking for an easier way to manage their customers and vendors.  We hope this helps.

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